Mokoshoes Green Flocking Snow Spraying PVC Tree Binding


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Material: PVC, Metal

Colour: Green

Style: Christmas tree with decoration

Leaf length: 6cm

Leaf thickness: 0.1mm

Package Include: 1x Tree, 1x metal stand, 3x bolts

Height: 150cm (5 feet)

              180cm (6 feet)

           210cm (7 feet)

Weight: 5FT - 3.5KG

               6FT - 3.7KG

               7FT - 4.7KG

Number of tip: 5FT - 500 tips

                    6FT - 800 tips

                    7FT - 1000 tips                                                                                                                                  

Red berries decoration: 5FT - 15 pieces  6FT - 20 pieces  7FT - 25 pieces

Pine cones decoration: 5FT - 15 pieces  6FT - 20 pieces  7FT - 25 pieces

Number of Section (one piece): 5FT - 2 sections  6FT - 3 sections    7FT - 3 sections

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Please allow some deviation due to manual measurement.



This Christmas tree features red berries and pine cones for a traditional look with rustic charm. You do not need to spend extra time decorating it. The ends of its leaves are white, just looks like covering of light snow, this makes it more real. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, so it can be used repeatedly.

The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of holiday decorations. A Christmas tree can fill your home with a festive and warm atmosphere, bringing you warmth in this cold winter.